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خرجتُ فوقع وشاح القمر. فقدتُ اسمي في نزهات الأحلام العابرة، فحمله القمر في قفصٍ يتأرجح به فوق أموات اﻵلهة، حتّى كره أحدهم جمالي فبعث بفصوصٍ تلقي أرواحها فوق كواكب صنعتها ببهاء الشموس المطفأة بين ثديي، أُلهم بها العنكبوت العابر لعلّه يحبّني. ضاقت بي المنازل والحارات فأطفأت الشموع وبدّدتُ النجوم المنتشرة في خضم البحر الأخضر، وإذ [...]

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Hidden Hurt No More! “Amal”: a story of domestic violence and marital rape in Lebanon

‘Amal’ is the story of a young pregnant woman holding the same name, who wants to escape from the violent grips of her abusive insanely possessive husband, but it turns out that her freedom carries a very high price. The term Amal also has a connotation of hope in Arabic, and this is the main [...]

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Peace is an ordinary possibility

When one encounters a feeling of being stuck, it takes often a while to ask oneself: “What can I do?” Even more time to ask together, as one nation: ‘What can WE do?’ But once one and many acknowledge the magnitude of stuckness and start asking questions, when one and many allow grief to do [...]

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