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My name is Aciel. I am a 20-year-old Lebanese student majoring in Marketing Communications in the American University in Dubai. I am one who likes to express myself, so my interests including sketching and writing have allowed me to apply what I have learned and experienced over the years in ways which I feel have no boundaries. I am an Arab by origin but I have had the opportunity to experience different cultures across my lifetime. Living in different countries has opened my eyes to several topics, and given me a unique insight especially on the subject of women’s rights. Growing up in countries including Canada and Dubai, from the West to the Middle East, has helped me make several connections in the cultures which at surface some may disregard. These connections are ones I one day hope to make prominent.

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Women’s Rights should be Prioritized and Addressed

In an era where robots are sense-perceptive, mobile phones have 3D touch capabilities, and cars can drive with little human interference, it disappoints me to see how little opportunities to grow or be identified as an equal the MENA*[1] region has presented for women. As an Arab woman, I myself have seen the struggles women [...]

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