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Although I enjoy writing, I have only recently given myself permission to explore it for fun. I am based in Australia and I am deeply passionate and driven about social justice, community development and the empowerment principle. I am employed as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Harm Reductionist, Street Based Youth Worker, and a Professor in higher education.

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Arab Youth and Catharsis in Graffiti and Street Art

Rather than being limited to the cold dryness of documented imagery, like what is seen in the photographic media, the stunning art forms of graffiti and street art not only capture the truth of situations in any given environment, but also beautify the space and give it a unique fresh flavor, reflecting the energies of [...]

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What is Empowerment and what does Feminism have to do with it?

Empowering Women makes for empowered Men, creating empowered Children, producing empowered Communities and builds empowered Societies. Empowerment is a concept used extensively in a wide range of applications and human interaction. To understand empowerment, first power dynamics need to be understood, which is an area too intensive for this piece. The basics of power dynamics [...]

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Flowers on the Earth

Flowers on the Earth Women are born… We are born to a world of diamonds and gold… oppression, suppression, segregation, prejudice, control…….domination. As women, we are pushed, shoved, tricked, swindled, abused, used, entertained, pacified…harnessed. Pulled, prodded, bought, sold, exchanged, manipulated, followed, forgotten…..stolen. We are paid less, we work more, and we run the worlds of [...]

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