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A 'Feminist man', interested in music, poetry, short stories and photography as a medium to raise awareness and make change about different causes.

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DISCLAIMER: This may be an unpopular opinion, but it is nevertheless mine

All these feminist movements I see in Lebanon are useless. Every culture has its own set of rules and customs, we should stop trying to import these movements from abroad and implement them here in our society. Those movements cannot achieve our desired goals. Those movements were built for a different life, for a different [...]

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Lesson learnt (Men vs Women – Who are the better drivers?)

How many times have we heard: a�?Ita��s got to be a woman driving that car!a�?, a�?Give her 5mins to park that cara�?, a�?Wea��re going to be here all day if we wait for her to get out of that parking spota�?, etc. Lesson learnt: these are stereotypes.A� Stereotypes are little pieces of reality that took [...]

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Thank you for teaching us Life Lessons

On the 9th of March, Lebanon celebrated Teachersa�� Day. During my early years, every year, I used to get my mother a small gift on that day; we were taught in school that mothers are the greatest of all teachers. How do we feel about teachers nowadays? For some reason, university professors arena��t counted as [...]

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Why not an “Emergency State” in Lebanon?

What happens when a society no longer knows the meaning of an Emergency State?A�It seems that this is what we have come to. Another news about an explosion blasting a certain area and the usual happens: we spend the first 10 minutes in disbelief and panic, we shift from one local TV channel to the [...]

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Leta��s start by teaching our sons not to rape!

The articles we see surfacing the web about womena��s issues are increasing day by day. Writers, authors and bloggers are tackling a wide range of subjects; one of which is rape. Rape is the extreme case of sexual harassment. It is a violation of basic human rights. There have been numerous attempts by different societies [...]

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REPORT: Lebanon ranks 16 out of 22 as best Arab State for Women

a�?According to a Thomson Reuteurs poll for best Arab state for women, Lebanon ranked 16 out 22. The surprise is that the low ranking was due to legislation which is not favorable towards women in Lebanon.a�? A�If we recap the last few years, we realize how much we are stuck in our place. What happened [...]

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Let’s talk about Sexual Harassment !

A (by Lebanese mena��s standards) sexy woman got on the bus today as I was heading home from work. Ia��m sure all day long a�?sexya�? women use public transportation to get to their desired destination. But, we dona��t really notice things unless theya��re in our face, happening right in front of us. Well, some of [...]

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October is set on the calendar as a�?Domestic Violence Awareness Montha�?

How truly public is domestic violence in Lebanon? We hear stories about women abused in their homes, we might even know a couple but we are forced to feel that there is nothing we can do about it. Our hands are tied when the law is against common sense.A� A friend of mine, while on [...]

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About Books, Movies and Youth…

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh argues that there is a link between our young generationa��s attitude and reading (The Age of Neo-Illiteracy is a must read!). Ia��d like to take it a step further even…A� How many young university students like to watch movies? I would say a big number. Thata��s positive. But what is the number [...]

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IDLE NO MORE in Lebanon!

University classrooms are known to be the root of knowledge. University classrooms stimulate the mind, stretch the limits and allow young people to think outside the box, to simply think for themselves. How true is this? During a class led by Dr. Pamela Chrabieh I occupied an observer’s seat. It was a session of movie [...]

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