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Lebanese American Musicologist, Musician and Singer. Mother of three boys.

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Crazy World!

I read in a post on Facebook about “a dog who got a new chance at life”. How many human beings would like to be that dog and get a new chance at life? Statistics, studies, numbers, researches, all come together to classify what and how to give a new chance to the person who [...]

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Are We Dead Yet?

The puss oozes from many places in a body ravaged by a cancer inherited down generation after generation. The smell lingers in the air of rotten tomatoes, half emptied bottles of shampoo, a leftover kebbe. The flies feast on gangrene, it celebrates with a nightmarish buzzing the filth that covers a society deadened to its [...]

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Addiction to Words

It falls on our shoulders to start writing and speaking truths that we have come to know and understand about our region. Even though we live miles apart, our hearts still beat the same song and our longing for peace is always present. Words can divide. They build walls of judgment and misconceptions. They imprison [...]

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Eyes of the Future

I took a seat nonchalantly and rested the Arabic traditional instrument, the qanun, on my legs. Like every rehearsal and performance attended, I was focused, music ready, mind and spirit in reverence of the music to be created. Between the sound cables and baby Jesus in the manger, I looked up from the corner to [...]

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I caught a line in your eyes

I caught a line in your eyes weaving the endless strings of destiny to carry dreams of children spat out by waters of indifference to the shores of denials Dreams vanished in the pure light of an unfulfilled life a fruitless tree healthy yet lifeless cut from its roots Sleep as deep as the deepest [...]

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As I walked down the hallway of the department of religion and sociology, my attention was caught by the writing on the wall. Words surrounding a caged bird. As I came closer, nothing made sense, except for a few scattered. So I stepped back and read what became an invitation to awaken oneself to the [...]

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The flip coin of tradition

My wings were broken as I fell on my knees boxed up in calculated measured dimensions, locked and chained in ideas  and judgments.   The spark of life from my childhood hid in my innermost being, protecting itself shielding its fragile existence.   As I fell apart, the monstrous forms transformed my body, took away [...]

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Bomb Shelter

I walk down the stairway of oblivion To where my body and soul have found refuge. The water beneath me surrounding me crawls on my skin, fills my nostrils with heavy damp air. Water brought from the deep dark earth, sucked up by rotating motors, through cold metal pipes… Touch with my bare hands Feel [...]

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God the Female

She, and by her, God reveals the feminine self. God, who combines both male and female characters, is only referred to as a “he”. This, not only limits the divine, but it also cancels the possibility of the feminine being part of God. This notion of God the female, that is revealed throughout the Bible, [...]

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Women… Bring Back Love!

I thought you would never know my fears… My darkness and those places in between… Battered, rejected, ignored, undeserving of your sight Voiceless, locked under armors of discipline and social politeness Motionless, restrained movements, tied up with dos and don’ts Separated from within: soul, mind, and body Ripped away from the inner self How can [...]

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