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Crazy World!

I read in a post on Facebook about “a dog who got a new chance at life”. How many human beings would like to be that dog and get a new chance at life? Statistics, studies, numbers, researches, all come together to classify what and how to give a new chance to the person who [...]

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Let’s Talk about Female Circumcision and Islam!

Combating female circumcision (FC), also known as female genital mutilation (FGM) or cutting, is a shared goal amongst human rights activists and feminists. The exact reason behind FGM’s emergence is unknown, but there is proof that it began long before the rise of Islam. Historians believe it was first developed in ancient Egypt for ritualistic [...]

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Fairness Creams Expose the Ugly Truth

You’re flipping through channels on TV and you find yourself watching a commercial where a woman is at a job interview. She does not get the job. Two weeks later, after using a whitening cream that made her six shades lighter, she goes back for the same interview. This time, she gets the job. The [...]

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Rape Culture in the UAE

Rates of sexual harassment continue to rise in the Middle East, feasibly linked to culture-enforced lack of sex education, experts say. In an interview with Joan Abdalla, a Counselor and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the American University in Dubai, she has revealed that the absence of awareness could be a contributing factor to how [...]

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Double Standards

When did weight become a national conversation? I have been living in Canada for the past 10 years, having left Lebanon when I was 25. Three months ago I decided to come back and give Lebanon another try. Ever since the first day I arrived in Lebanon, I was shocked to realize that all that [...]

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Mon histoire avec l’excision du clitoris

Je suis Leyla et je suis égyptienne. Je vous écris mon histoire en espérant que vous la publierez. Je vis actuellement au Québec où j’ai eu vent de votre projet extraordinaire qu’est ce blog et la page Facebook. Briser le silence, déconstruire les stéréotypes, offrir un savoir alternatif sur les femmes au Moyen-Orient, et varié! [...]

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Ania Lisewska… “Not in Lebanon!”

Ita��s been on national television for a couple of days now. Shea��s become what everybody talks about: the girl who wants to have sex with a 100 000 men. People dona��t bother to remember her name; shea��s just that girl that is sex crazed. Ania Lisewska. She is 21 years old, in a long term [...]

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Etre, Avoir, Penser, Vivre

Le Liban est en crise, une crise multiforme, et surtout,  philosophique et spirituelle. Celle-ci renvoie à des interrogations universelles : qu’est-ce qui peut être considéré comme un progrès véritable ? L’être humain peut-il/elle être heureux/se et vivre en harmonie avec autrui dans une civilisation construite autour de l’idéal de l’avoir ? Sans doute pas… Nous traversons une période [...]

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Fémivores : Quand être féministe, omnivore, locavore et écolo se marient !

Il s’agit d’une « nouvelle espéce » de féministes tant en Amérique du Nord qu’en Europe. Le fémivorisme a pour principes l’auto-suffisance, l’autonomie et l’investissement personnel, qui poussent les femmes à quitter le monde du travail en zone urbaine, tout en se basant sur la prise de conscience de l’origine et la qualité de notre [...]

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My Journey with Plastic Surgery is Over!

I began this journey with physical embellishment in my early 20s with Rhinoplasty or the nose job. In my 30s: breast augmentation, liposuction and eyelid lifts. In my 40s, a vaginal wall repair surgery after delivering two babies. My husband wasn’t happy with a wider vagina. Is he happy today? Not at all… What have [...]

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