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زواج ميغان ماركل انتصار على الطبقية

انتظرت بعد أن هدأت موجة الحديث عن زفاف الأمير هاري والعروس ميغان ماركل؛ لأتحدث بكل صراحة عن أهم النقاط؛ التي تغافل عنها البعض، وبداْ أكثر اهتماماً بمن كان من بين الحضور. يعد هذا الزفاف بمثابة نقلة في البلاط الملكي بل ورسالة تعايش نحن في أشد الحاجة لها الآن. غالباً ما تكون الروايات من نسج الخيال؛ [...]

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My story with Arranged Marriages

“I never knew that I would be able to write about my experience as a woman of this community. I’m here today because of it, I’m here because it has made me who I am today: a woman trying to embody the ideals of both the West and East, a constant struggle, a constant obstacle- [...]

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“Watte Sawtik !! Skete !! Khrasse!!” وطي صوتك ! سكتي ! خرسي – The Culture of Silence

“Keep your suffering locked in your heart; unveiled suffering is scandal and dishonor”. “Behind every great man is a woman”. “A woman’s weapon is her tears”. “Sois belle et tais-toi!” Most women in Lebanon and Western Asia are taught to be powerless, docile, weak, to serve and obey, to be followers not leaders, to be [...]

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Plaidoyer pour les civils libanais! (1) Pour la cause des femmes

#nolawnovote#kafa Je vis au Liban, ce petit pays-sables mouvants, ce pays-dérive, ce pays-mirage aux douceurs et douleurs mêlées… Un pays aux couchers de soleil beaux à tomber par terre, aux magnifiques ciels d’hiver quand ils rejoignent la mer entre deux orages. Un pays aux sourires familiers à faire chavirer les plus endurcis, réchauffer les coeurs [...]

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The Heiress of Chromosome X

Most articles, documentaries and media stories in Lebanon are focusing nowadays on domestic violence issues. True that women should be protected by a law, and crimes should be punished, but there are other violations against women’s rights that should be addressed, including gender inequality in inheritance. This important issue isn’t really known, but it remains a [...]

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Women’s Citizenship Rights in Lebanon

When I think of Lebanon and compare it to other countries also found in Western Asia, I consider it far less restrictive concerning the women’s right point of view. However, seeing women with all kinds of plastic surgeries, driving fancy cars and going out every night does not necessarily mean that they have the freedom they [...]

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Libanaise qu’à moitié…

Dans un pays où l’opinion publique semble croire à une égalité établie entre hommes et femmes  et où quelques citoyens comparent notre situation à celles des pays européens (comme le montre entre autre la vidéo publiée par l’Orient-le-Jour intitulée « CONDITIONS DE LA FEMME AU LIBAN : MYTHE ET REALITES»), le Liban vient d’acquérir en 2013  la très « HONORABLE » 123 [...]

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Suite à la publication d’une de mes citations concernant ma critique du quota de 30% revendiqué pour les femmes en politique au Liban, certains commentaires émis soulignèrent le caractère ‘illogique’ d’une telle revendication, de mesure ‘anormale’, voire d’un impensable puisque, les alternatives ne seraient que des rêves fous et que le choix le plus sûr [...]

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حقوق المرأة العربيّة في يد الرجُل

لا تني المرأة في العالم العربيّ بعامّة، وفي لبنان بخاصّة، عن مطالبة السلطات الرسميّة الملكيّة والحكوميّة، بحقوقٍ سياسيّة واجتماعيّة وعائليّة وإنسانيّة ومدنيّة، وذلك عبر التظاهرات والاحتجاجات حينًا، والحملات الإعلانيّة والإعلاميّة عبر وسائل الإعلام حينًا آخر قراءة المزيد

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U�U?O�O�U�O� O?O�O�O� O�O�U�USO�

U�O?U�O�U� U�U?U�U� O?U?U� O�U�O?U�O?O�U� O�U�U�O?O�U�O?O� U�O�U�U?U� O�U�O�U�O?O�U�, U? U�O�U�U?U� O�U�U�O�O?O�. O?O�U� 1955 O�O?O�U� U�O?U�O�U� O�U�O�O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�U�O?O?U�U�O� O?O�U�U?U� O�U�U�O�O?O� O�U�O?USO�O?USO� O�U�O�O�O?O�O� O?U� O�U�O�U�U� O�U�U�O?O�O?O�, U?U�O� O�O?O�U� O?O�U� 1964 O�U�O�O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�U�O?O?U�U�O� O?O?O?U� O�U�O?U�USUSO? U?US U�O�O�U� O�U�O?O?U�USU� O�U�O�O�O?O�O� O?U� O�U�O�U?U�USO?U?U?, U? O?O�U� 1996 O�O?O�U� O�U�O�O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�O?U?U�USO� U�U�U�O�O�O? O?U�U� O�U�USO? O�O?U?O�U� O�U�O?U�USUSO? O�O? O�U�U�O�O?O� U? U�U?U� O?O�U�U?O? O?U�U� O�U�U�U?O�O? [...]

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