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Women: An Inspiration

As a child, I grew up in a world that was part fantasy and part reality. I was very visual, and my mind would often wander as I looked at objects, observed patterns, and listened to conversations. I gained a particular interest in observing people and the way they behave. My mother took me along [...]

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How I re-discovered Feminism

I             It was a Wednesday afternoon, a day before the weekend started. But, it was also my third consecutive year walking the same campus grounds. It started to feel like a routine to me more than anything else; weekdays are not but mere anticipation for the weekends and the weekends are spent dreading the [...]

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فتاةٌ تتوقَّف

حدودي غريبةٌ تتجاوز أفكار رجلٍ نسي زوجاته في حضني الضغِنِ، تتأرجح على كانونٍ بيتيَ فتداعب جُذى الفائت ورمادَ الآتي. حدودي مرقَصٌ تلهو فيه الآلهة فتهجر البشر وتنصهر أفكارها في أعضائي الفرحة المتلاشية، تشارك شارعي الفارغ في حريّة السواد العائد يشدو بين خُصَل شعري المُشرِكِ. حدودي حوضٌ تتعرّى في عزلة قحطه كلماتُ الجواري فتسافر فيها أفئدة [...]

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تكرار وجود رجل يرفض نفسه

يتسلّق الرجل المتوحّد كلماتي فتغمره شواطئي بأساطيلها الصمّاء وتعطيه أصدائي تردّد الحب المتردّي، فيجتاحه الغرور ويؤنّبه الجسد تحت مظلّات الصيّاد العارية، يفوتها تبختر الأسماك العمياء وأسفار الرمال الساخرة. ها هو يُشبع فضولَ صبره فتفيض نطفته شجاراً متساميا يعالجه أطبّاءُ الوادي الأزرق في خفايا الجذور الحمراء، حيث يجوب إصبعٌ قطعَ طرقَه بجع الأصوات المظلمة. يسترح على [...]

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Should I tell her that she reminds me of the Vladimirka ?! How odd, how awful !! Of all the paintings, of all the portraits, couldn’t I find a more joyful one ? Or even a portrait to make the “similarity”, the “resemblance” more natural, more credible, more human ?!! Couldn’t I find but the [...]

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About the Crisis of Celibacy in Lebanon

JK, mid-40s, I’ve known him since 5 years now, he is in charge of the entertainment at our place; not his main job, he rather does it as a hobby.  A very decent man, workaholic to the max and dependable as no one else, seeking a life partner, sometimes desperately, but not finding any. Straight [...]

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I woke up a Girl!

Today I woke up a Girl, I began my daily routine as usual; I cleaned up, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, I got dressed, and drove to the Campus. On my way there, a billboard on domestic violence caught my attention. Will a paper, or a law, solve the sexual discrimination issues? Well at [...]

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Parenthood: “The greatest Gift”

No one prepares men or women for the reality of parenthood. We may find numerous books talking about it, giving advice and guiding our path step by step, but reality differs. Parenthood is a life changing that starts from the birth of our child and ends with us. It involves the transition from being selfish to being [...]

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Middle Eastern Men should be involved in the Race for Gender Equality

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh raised quite the interesting bullet points: a�?We have to consider such questions as: How do we think about and understand mena��s relations to and involvement with gender equality? What are the different kinds of relationship that men have to gender equality? Why is gender equality of interest to some, often relatively few, [...]

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