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Crazy World!

I read in a post on Facebook about “a dog who got a new chance at life”. How many human beings would like to be that dog and get a new chance at life? Statistics, studies, numbers, researches, all come together to classify what and how to give a new chance to the person who [...]

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Are We Dead Yet?

The puss oozes from many places in a body ravaged by a cancer inherited down generation after generation. The smell lingers in the air of rotten tomatoes, half emptied bottles of shampoo, a leftover kebbe. The flies feast on gangrene, it celebrates with a nightmarish buzzing the filth that covers a society deadened to its [...]

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أبحثُ عن فارسي

في داخلي شوقٌ لغزلِ الكلمات للرقصِ فوق السطور للبوحِ بأسراري للورق… في داخلي حنينٌ لأيامِ وحدتي… انطوائي مع قلمٍ وورقةٍ وكتاب… تقوقُعي في المسافةِ الواقعةِ بين قلمي والورق… في داخلي ما بقيَ بعد أن بعثرتني الحياة… أذابتني في حلقتها المفرغة، ومضت… ♦ ♦ ♦ أبحث عن قلمي عن فارسٍ على صهوةِ أفكاري… عن حاضنٍ لكلِّ أسراري… أبحثُ [...]

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Courage… It’s this inner voice… Talking to you every morning while drinking your coffee and wondering about the rest of your day, and every night before sleeping: ‘try again tomorrow’, Asking you to be patient while driving for hours to your work, stuck in Beirut traffic, noise and air pollution, Giving you strength to look [...]

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Amad & Eva

Dans ce paradis lointain, paradis des couleurs Vivait Amad le noir Entouré d’animaux Fleurs et fruits tropicaux Une nature exotique s’y trouvait Verdure, sur le sol, tapissée Un soleil jaune, parfois orange Un ciel bleu où régnaient les anges Des cascades, des rivières En été, comme en hiver Tout était en couleur.     Apparut [...]

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