Red Lips High Heels is an online platform that gathers written, visual and audio-visual stories of individuals and communities engaged in peacebuilding and human rights journeys in Southwestern Asia and North Africa.

Storytelling is the art of using language, vocalization, physical movement, gestures and images to reveal the elements of a story to a specific audience.

Red Lips High Heels offers insights into personal experiences and interactive narratives of real or imagined events as a means of education, awareness, cultural preservation and production/transmission of knowledge.  Stories to remember, to understand, to communicate, to create, to empower, and to change…

The online platform (blog and Facebook Page) was founded in 2012 by Dr. Pamela Chrabieh. It features the writing and artworks of more than 200 locals and members of diaspora communities with different gender identities, backgrounds, belongings and statuses.